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Many features ranging from safety to flood, fire, light switch-on upon command, listening to music and cooking pizza via telephone call are provided with smart homes. The most prominent feature of smart and healthy houses, which are becoming popular rapidly, is the fact that they are equipped with computer systems...

image Smart Homes has many skills beyond imagination. You get th opportunity of having access to many functions such as visual guest notification and monitoring the surrounding area with the safety system cameras connected to the televisions inside the house thanks to computerized automation systems. When a stranger enters your house, this information is sent to the system room and takes the form of an audio warning upon request even if you are not at home. Smart home systems has yet many more features than those mentioned above. The age of keen nose to detect fires is now over, because both site management and owner of the house can be notified of the fire incidences which might occur for any reason via signals. Measures have also been taken against floods. If water accumulates on the bathroom floor, hot and cold water connections are immediately disconnected by means of the computer system. Thanks to programmable thermostat, you can maintain the temperature of your house at the desired level and prevent unnecessary energy consumption with optional heating programs. Advancing towards the 20th century, the comfort which is provided by our homes was redefined. From now on, we will not even need to move our fingers to switch on the lights in our homes, which affect our life quality significantly. Because the lights in the smart homes can be switched on/off at the required time according to the program you adjust in advance. The music system is also activated with the same system. From now on, you can manage your building from outside with your telephone. What is more, if you call your home with your mobile phone and notify your system of your arrival time, the pizza in your oven can be ready at that exact hour. Smart homes have many more crafts... Thanks to air conditioning system with central heating in the buildings, the air inside the building is always kept clean. The air inside is always expelled outside via aspirators on the roofs and filtered air, which is purified from bacteria is pressed inside. The site is left to the use of those who are living on the 'surface.' For this reason, subways and underground parking lots are constructed. Sarıkonak Houses, which is constructed under the cooperation of Emlakbank and Mesa is one of the sites with these features. Computer controlled houses of the future is not an abstract vision anymore. Thanks to recent breakthroughs in information technologies, hoe automation systems are becoming a concrete concept. Siemens has already introduced the home automation system, which will be realized with "smart vision." You may remember the Chinese man in Siemens' home applications advertisement; well that man will be real in near future. Because technologies that manage the smart homes of today will turn into new inventions that run the smart homes in a foreseeable future. The houses will be connected to home automation systems with various functions ranging from safety to child and patient care, and control of all kinds of home appliance from a single centre. With the "Information Technologies Revolution in Industry" panel it has organized in Frankfurt last week, Siemens not only introduced the breakthrough technologies used today, but also reflected on the visions for future. Since I don't have the slightest idea about automation in industry and smart modifications in electricity systems, I was more attracted to futuristic visions. Since information technology revolution in industrial area has just began, it will witness lots of bloody battles in near future. After the revolution, giant companies will have a grand battle in order to reveal the new technologies and inventions. New game rules will develop, those who make use of the new opportunities will survive and others will be wiped away. New technologies, which will rise out of this war environment will change our life style in the next century. Real and virtual world will be entwined with each other as a result of the new inventions, which will be introduced to our lives. So, home automation system will be another area, which will witness one of these battles. Smart vision system, which recognizes human face and objects, will provide safety inside and outside the houses. This system will not make identifications, but it will also be able to interpret motions. Sudden movements and sounds will be detected. For instance, an accident that occurs on the stairs inside the house, a sudden falling movement and sound will be recorded as an unusual incidence and activate the alarm function. This system will also be used for child and nursing of old individuals. Automatic lighting and eat adjustments performed by tracking the body heat of the humans inside the house will constitute other parts of the system. In near future homes will be "info-spaces" where education, communication and entertainment needs of people are met at the maximum level. The individual will be in constant contact with the network in his/her home including contact with the doctor wherever he/she goes across the world. According to the concept presented by Siemens, humankind is now in the "cognizance" phase of the so called "Information Age." First "information" and then "wisdom" must follow this phase. The next phase will probably be "genetics and biotechnology." New technologies, which will be developed based on DNA principle will be reflected to many areas including safety, environmental protection and smart homes. Some day, all the diagnosis and car processes related to human health will be one of the crafts of smart homes.

Thanks to this system, which is not introduced in Europe yet but available only few sites in USA, those who buy a villa from our company will be able make massage reservations and shopping from the shopping centre, flower shop or pharmacy. In addition to this, they will be able to watch sport activities on the monitors in their homes or follow their children playing at Kid's Club.
Our customers will be able to see whether the pool facility is crowded and monitor their guests from the entrance door. Business owners will be able to manage their works without going to their offices, make teleconferences with their business partners in any location in the world and businessmen will have the opportunity to perform bank and stock exchange operations related to the company. Providing direct e-mail service between villas, teleconference between villas, telephone calls via internet, this system has also connected villas within the site.

image Recipes for housewives
Touch-screen PC's for housewives are also within the scope of this project. Housewives o people who don't know how to use computers can get recipes from these PC'S or make an order from the supermarket.
Digital life technologies are developed by the leaders of four sectors, namely mobile devices, smart homes, interactive televisions and smart cars. In the recently smart homes, production of which is becoming more and more popular across the world, all the electronic instruments can control each other with computer and internet technologies. Smart home concept, in which washing machines can activate themselves during periods when electricity consumption is at cheapest prices, report its failure to the service on the internet, refrigerator can make orders for its requirements on the internet, safety system or oven in the house can be operated via mobile phone, will be explained with demo shows at COMPLEX DIGITAL. Smart home technologies, telecommunication and computer, new projects which internet companies implement on all the electrical appliances used in houses and workplaces, will take place at COMPEX DIGITAL. Press the button, manage the house South Korean Samsung, one of the leading firms in areas consumer electronics and digital conversion technology, introduced the "Home network" it developed to make house live easier, to distributors and main dealers in Turkey. The presentation was organize at Samsung's monitor and optic disk factories in Suwon, which targeted at achieving 29.4 billion sales turnover in 2001 and hard-disk facilities in Gumi.

15 and 17 inch monitors, which has recently been developed by Samsung for offices, is equipped with video input as well as HDTV feature. Thanks to this feature, it provides opportunity to watch high Definition digital and analogue television broadcasts from the computer monitor. This is achieved with a HDTV setup connection to the monitor.

SpinPoint V440 series, which is manufactured by Samsun for the first time for desktop PC'S, integrate CD writer and DVD-Rom features in a single device in the combo product, has a storage capacity up to 80 GB. This provides opportunity to archive movies and MP3's in the hard drives of computers and store large volume multimedia applications. V40 hard drives are also available with 20, 40 and 60 GB capacity models.

Newly developed 1100 wat capacity micro-wave oven, takes over the meal control in the kitchens from the users. With this oven, which has 10 different power levels, you can cook the meals according to your taste.
You can play 3D DVD games with Samsung's new DVD players called Extiva, by connecting two joysticks. These DVD players, which have 20x zoom feature, you can watch he graphics prepared by the user while playing music CD's. SMART REFRIGERATOR:
Thanks to full-colour touch screen on Samsung's smart refrigerators, you can connect to internet and watch T.V and DVD movies. You can create digital photograph on this refrigerator, which also allows keeping agenda.
GAMES ON TELEPHONES: With the second generation digital video telephone developed by Samsung, you can connect to internet and send audio and video messages. You can also play computer games on this new telephone, which also has MP3 player feature. Projects in Progress You can find the details of all the projects of Çelet İnşaat, which are under development.

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